If a fire has begun, use any methods available to deprive the fire of oxygen, and it may die on its own for lack of it. Do not blow air or make sweeping motions in the direction of the fire so as to move it away from you, or you may aggravate it.

When flames and sparks rapidly emerge from within the chimney, you should know with certainty that you’re facing a chimney fire and that you must act immediately to save your life and home. Loud popping and cracking noises are common and vary in intensity and duration from fire place to fire place, and dense smoke with intense heat are often in every chimney fire. Smoke, water or gases not fully burnt tend to create a fire of their own, even if a previous fire has recently been put to rest. Never underestimate the potential of a fire in the making or fail to check all aspects when putting out a present fire so that you don’t allow a later one to initiate.

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