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Do Clean Ducts Improve My HVAC System’s Efficiency?

Some argue that obtaining clean ducts improves the overall efficiency of one’s HVAC system, and others disagree, claiming that such a statement’s a scam by HVAC and cleaning companies to make more money. Ironically, both are correct. Companies use whichever methods...

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How Often Do These Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

A thorough cleaning every three to five years is the professionally recommended standard according to the NADCA. Cleaning during the early stages is never a bad idea as well, such as when you purchase or replace the ducts and they are fresh. Begin a habit of cleaning...

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Why Are My Air Ducts So Dirty?

You’re likely familiar with the phrase, “Time and chance do make fools out of us all”. The same is true in this instance; it’s all a simple matter of time and its effects. As these sensitive and easy to overlook areas are often left neglected, seconds turn into...

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When Should I Get My Dryer Vent Cleaned?

You’ll know that the time is here when you start to notice, first of all, the most important sign: Your dryer moves slower and slower in drying your clothes with every passing use. It’s an obvious sign but still one which people take for granted to their own ruin and...

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