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Commercial Hood Installation

All home and business kitchens are mandated by federal laws to install a commercial kitchen exhaust hood. Licensed contractors and commercial kitchen experts are the best option to installing one properly. Such hoods are difficult and often complicated to install, so...

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Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is also known as hood cleaning, and it involves all accumulated grease from inside every duct, hood, fan and vent of every commercial kitchen’s exhaust system. Too much accumulated grease in any kitchen’s exhaust system is another potential...

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Signs That It’s Time for a Chimney Repair

You eventually notice only-increasing rust, discoloration, deteriorating mortar joints, spalling, shaling, fading wallpaper or a damaged crown with a growing crack or aperture. Don’t fix on your own. Get help. Many don’t realize that damaged chimneys are not merely...

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