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Wood-Burning Tips

Use the softest types of wood that you can find and the ones with the least amount of grain possible; aspen and pine are fantastic examples as they burn more readily and easily than harder woods. Find a multitude of free wood-burning designs online or at your local...

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Are Bad Smells Coming From Your Air Ducts?

Try Our Anti-Microbial Sanitation. We offer no less than the very best, and we specialize in the brand that will pave the way for many generations to come. Our formula is tried and true, and your money will return to you in full if you are not fully satisfied with the...

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What Are The Signs Your Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

If you notice an accumulation of any substance or debris in the vents, then it’s time to further investigate. These substances may be removed by your own hand in an instance, or they may require more time and possibly a professional opinion; either way, make note of...

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Do Clean Ducts Improve My HVAC System’s Efficiency?

Some argue that obtaining clean ducts improves the overall efficiency of one’s HVAC system, and others disagree, claiming that such a statement’s a scam by HVAC and cleaning companies to make more money. Ironically, both are correct. Companies use whichever methods...

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