Let Chimney Cleaning come to the rescue once again. You’ve seen Mary Poppins, have you not? The same basic reasoning applies, and there are people out there that make a living out of performing this task. If you don’t wish to get your own hands dirty and can afford a chimney sweeper, then go right ahead.

You could also install a damper to seal the top of the chimney during warmer seasons. The seal blocks out incoming water or other particles and keeps the fresh, cool A/C air inside at all times while the hot air from outside stays outside. If you use the damper during the winter, you’ll likewise prevent warm air from leaving through the chimney whenever you’re not using the fire place, even though hot air tends to rise. Use liners for insulating your chimney as well, and keep that needed heat indoors when you need it most. Never leave the damper open.

Top 5 Reasons for Why Your Fireplace is Not Working Correctly
1. Your damper may be shut.
2. You’re using improper wood that’s wet or out of season.
3. Your chimney’s less than 10 feet tall.
4. Your flue may be too small.
5. You have allowed creosote to accumulate.

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