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Needing Chimney Cleaning? What about Chimney Repair? Air Care Services has 27 years experience. Our chimney sweeps and chimney repair technicians are the best in the business. Damage occurs often with chimneys in Oklahoma. With high winds, hail, rain and earthquakes, a lot can happen over the course of 12 months. To keep your family and home safe, chimney inspections are very important. Schedule your low cost annual chimney cleaning and inspection today.

Unfortunately, chimney problems can sometimes go overlooked until there is a serious issue. Stay ahead of costly repairs! Have Air Care Services do a complete 14 point top to bottom inspection of your chimney.


  • Pre-Purchase Inspections –   Did you know most pre purchase home inspections do not include a professional chimney evaluation? Secure your investment! Call us today.
  • Safety Inspections – We offer safety inspections for most types of fireplaces including: stone, masonry, pre-fab, wood stove and inserts.

Signs That You Need A Fireplace Inspection Right Away

Your fireplace may be exhibiting signs that something is wrong or unsafe including:

  • Visible soot on the walls near fireplace
  • Excessive smoke (inside home  or outside from roof)
  • Excessive sparks
  • Water and moisture
  • Cracks in the bricks and mortar
  • Damaged damper and flue
  • Gas leak
  • Clogged gas line
  • Leaning Chimney
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Creosote Build-up, the Hidden Danger in Fireplaces

Burning wood, no matter how you do it, releases pollutants, mainly in the form of gases and particulate matter. We call this matter creosote. Creosote is a gummy, foul smelling, corrosive and extremely combustible substance that, if no precaution are taken, will coat the insides of chimney’s. It is formed when volatile gases given off in the wood burning process combine and condense on their way up the chimney.

Creosote build up takes several forms, all bad. As a liquid, it can run down the insides of pipes and chimneys, oozing out of any openings. It can form a hard layer coating the insides of pipes and chimney liners. Creosote is also the cause of most chimney fires. Chimneys and pipes should always be cleaned and inspected annually.

Creosote Build Up Is Rated By Stages:  1, 2 & 3.

Stage 1: Build up is considered normal accumulation for a season of regular use and can usually be removed during a annual sweep.

Stage 2: Advanced accumulation of creosote and could require a single treatment.

Stage 3: Creosote build up is dangerously excessive and must be addressed due to the high risk of a chimney fire.

Stage three, shiny buildup requires aggressive treatment including several applications of a solution designed to break it up slowly layer by layer. During an inspection the tech will rate the build up in your fireplace and reflect it on the inspection form along with any recommendations for treatment if necessary.

Tulsa Chimney Cleaning Service

Experts recommend homeowners sweep their chimneys once a year. Regular cleaning of your chimney will prevent dangerous creosote build up in your chimney, help maintain proper flow and helps assure any issues will be spotted in a timely manner.

Tulsa Chimney Repair Service

If you are in need of chimney repairs come to us. With nearly three decades of experience, we are the chimney experts in northeast Oklahoma. Some of our chimney repair services include:

  • Full chimney inspections
  • Chimney cap install and replacement
  • Crown seal repair and replacement
  • Tuckpoint
  • Brick replacement
  • Gas log conversion
  • Damper replacement
  • and more


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Chimney Cleaning/Chimney Repair Tulsa
Chimney Cleaning/Chimney Repair Tulsa

Cleaning Tips

Signs That It’s Time for a Chimney Repair

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Why Does My Fireplace Smoke?

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***Although not required by code, please be advised due to insurance restrictions ACS cannot clean fireplace inserts that are not direct connected. We can do an inspection and give you a quote to properly vent your insert.***

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