Whether you live in Tulsa, Denver, Chicago, New York or anywhere in between, weather will always be a factor to your chimney in one form or another. Tulsa, for example, suffers from much wind and rain, especially in the Chimney Hills area during spring and winter seasons. How ironic is this, chimney troubles in Chimney Hills? I don’t like the sound of that, though it’s catchy nonetheless. Check your local weather forecast, and browse your local hardware or home supply stores as they may have exactly what you need in the form of chimney covers, tarps, exhaust ventilation, weather wizards, roof protection add-ins and so much more. It all depends on the type of chimney and roof that you have as well as their material lay-out, design and overall construction; if you find yourself not quite sure as to these details, then consult with a store expert, who is more than likely trained and knowledgeable for finding your specific home repair or maintenance needs even as far as roof or chimney preparation.

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