Restaurant Vent Hood Cleaning

Our Tulsa grease hood/grease vent cleaning service is available M-F in Tulsa and surrounding areas. If your restaurant’s grease vent hood has buildup, you could be putting your business at serious risk of a fire. Let Air Care Services clean your commercial grease exhaust hoods. Our super concentrated degreaser is one of the most powerful degreasers available on the market today. Our techs use a “spray and scrape” hands on method to thoroughly clean all types of grease hoods. We’ll walk away leaving your vent system shiny and safe.

We know your business is important, and we’ll gladly work around your hours of operation and find a time that best works for you. We can also help maintain your cleaning schedule by notifying you when you are due for your next cleaning. Air Care Services uses the following schedule for commercial hood degreasing:

Suggested Schedule of Cleaning for Grease Exhaust Buildup

Type or Volume of Cooking

Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations | Semiannually

Systems serving high-volume cooking operations,such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking | Quarterly

Systems serving low-volume cooking | Semiannually

Systems serving low-volume cooking operations,such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses,or senior centers | Annually

* Please be advised,  ACS does not clean, repair, or replace channel filters during cleaning.*

* Air Care Services does not apply fire retardant any longer due to changes in city code.*


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